Experimenting with drugs: mental health, the next chapter

I'm in a bit of a spin right now, feeling a right old mix of feelings, ranging from the daring-to-be-hopeful - maybe this will allow me to be the person I know I can be; to the terrified - but the side effects! What if it doesn't work? What if it makes me worse? What … Continue reading Experimenting with drugs: mental health, the next chapter


Miscarriages, three

It's Babyloss Awareness Week, so that seems a good time to share the words I wrote after my second and third miscarriages, in the hope it helps others who have been through or are going through the same. It's something I had no idea about until it happened to me - how it's incredibly common, … Continue reading Miscarriages, three


Friends, I'm feeling a bit fragile today. That came out as "ragile" the first time; Freudian perhaps? I guess I'm feeling a bit ragey too. What's up? I don't rightly know; I guess an accumulation of different stuff. Yesterday was a bad day - I felt lost and out of control and manic, but it … Continue reading BAD DAY


Mother’s Day

Today is Mother's Day in the UK. Despite having lived abroad for eight years now (not to mention my dear mother being American, though long resident in the UK, and my much-loved stepmum being English, but now an ex-pat herself), it's still the mothers-day celebration that means the most to me. It always shines with … Continue reading Mother’s Day