Hi! This is a blog about life, gardens, family, cats, geeks, culture, entertainment, friends, the passage of time, social and political issues, and whatever else is on my radar. Sometimes it will be thoughts and reflections, I might re-post some of the gardening articles I’ve written for local papers, and there will likely be the occasional bit of fiction and poetry thrown in there.

The title seemed an apt description for what I intend to be the nature of the posts here – a brief and digestible look at possibly deeper issues, or a long look at something light but well-loved. Nothing that you couldn’t get through in the time it takes to make a cup of tea, and perhaps the sort of thing you might chat about with a friend over┬ádrinking one.

(I feel honour-bound to point out that, although I came up with the name on my own, I was a bit disappointed but not that surprised to find other blogs / posts with similar titles out there; I decided though that they were different enough not to worry about.)

If you feel so moved, please do get in touch with comments, guest post suggestions or whatever else you fancy.