Being Mummy

  A poem about becoming a mother, written earlier this year when my daughter¬†would have been about 20¬†months old. Being mum Being me Which one is better? Which one is true? I sometimes wish I could do the maths, but I don't think it's a conundrum, a puzzle to be solved. It's a paradox. Becoming … Continue reading Being Mummy


When worlds collide

Saturday morning, I was driving along in the big ol' comfy car*, an old-school hip hop mixtape playing through blowing speakers, on my way to a plant and seed exchange to give a talk about native Portuguese plants. I'm struck, not for the first time, by the unlikely juxtapositions- someone who is into bangin' beats … Continue reading When worlds collide


Only a few I have met in my life, and little of their experiences of service have they shared. I presume there are good reasons for this and I've never pushed the subject. I used to be vehemently anti-military, wondering why people couldn't just be civil to one another and sort things out via debate … Continue reading Soldiers


On Trump and Brexit

Today's result hardly comes as a surprise. It's more a massive disappointment, with a dragging sense of the inevitable. This seems to be our lot right now: the gods of chaos and war have taken control and are laughing with glee, while the benign entities who inspire us to greater things sit mutely weeping in … Continue reading On Trump and Brexit


Trump Card (Short Story)

Election day, Tuesday 8 November 2016. Warm and sticky, despite the time of year; in Louisiana, at least. The sense of a gathering storm. Henry Carter sat outside the building that housed the ballot boxes and reflected on what was taking place within. He would put his X on the paper later that day; shift … Continue reading Trump Card (Short Story)