Well here we all are at last!

Hello, dear readers. Let’s hope you are plural in reality; you already are in my head. (Just for the record I’m actually not one of those who talks to various characters within their own mind, though I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that).

Moving swiftly along: I’m Marilyn, a garden designer, wife, mum, bass player, occasional artist of various media, and a writer. I’ll not be coy about it, I’ve always loved writing, although until now I’ve never had a particular vehicle for sharing my scribblings. I’ve had good feedback; obliquely, from college tutors remarking on the fluency of essays, and more recently from friends, who have commented that they enjoy what I write and have asked why I don’t do more of it. So here’s some more. It is unlikely to be frequent (c.f. the list above; the first three take up practically all usable hours of the day) but this blog seems about as good a place as any to start curating the odds and sods that are accumulating on the computer, scraps of paper, in old notebooks and so on.

I get the feeling there will be a loose theme to the blog – observations on life – but this will inevitably wander all over the place. This will be a receptacle, both for bits written some time ago and things started now and in the future, but what I hope will bind these posts also is a sense of communion. Good writing is important for lots of things; pure escapism, clarity, passing information correctly to name just a few, but in my case what interests me in this format is the sharing, the shared. I like to choose the right words so that the essence of whatever I’m writing about will chime with the readers. I hope for this outcome: that you will go, oh yeah, I know what she means! Or, oh, I hadn’t thought of it like that, but it resonates for me.

Comments will be open, unless I get radically trolled. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen; I’m quite possibly going to write about some pretty sensitive stuff but I’ll try not to censor myself for fear of trolls.

That’s it for now I think, and plenty for an opening post. Welcome, and thanks for joining me!


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